Meet Julie

dreamer /  artist / perfectionist / mother / baker 

I'm originally from Saigon, Vietnam but grew up in Upstate, NY. I come from a large family (6 sisters and 1 brother). My parents were strict and I remember not even being able to talk on the phone until I was in junior high school. My friends would call me and ask for "Mai". My parents would answer the phone and respond with "which one?" Oops! I kind of forgot to tell me friends that my sisters and I all had the same first name! So then we became "Mai number 1", "Mai number 2" and so on. Eventually, we got caller ID and made life a whole lot easier! So if you're ever wondering where my business name came from...there you have it!

I've always loved photography and never imagined it would be anything more than a hobby. I've been shooting with my SONY digital camera for years. One day my brother told me I should invest in a DSLR and I could borrow his lenses. Months later, I finally pulled the trigger and bought a camera. Unknowingly, my brother was no longer able to lend me his lenses due to financial issues. Imagine my face when I realized I had to spend even more money on a photography equipment when I already had one a point and shoot to being with. So I searched craigslist for an inexpensive lens with good reviews. That's when I met George Jweid. First thing that popped into my head was to ask George, "are you hiring?" It wouldn't hurt to ask...right? I got a "No" but George was willing to let me accompany him to one of his weddings. Determined to get a part time job that I'm passionate about...I told George "I am going to follow you until you hire me". Well, it worked! I now work for George as an assistant / second photographer and joined the Professional Photographer's Society of CNY (PPSCNY) where I've learned numerous techniques and made many friends. I've worked very hard and strive for success. With the help and support of my family, I am ready to start my adventure as a professional photographer!